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Repetitive Strain Injury Solicitors

If you suffer from repetitive strain injury as a result of your employment, and your employer has not done anything to help prevent this, then you may be eligible for compensation.

What are Repetitive Strain Injury Solicitors?

Repetitive strain injury solicitors are legal professionals who helps victims of industrial injuries file compensation claims. A repetitive strain injury solicitor also helps victims to understand their legal rights. Victims of industrial injuries have rights that are outlined in the health and safety act. The repetitive strain injury solicitors are perhaps the best person to help victims who suffer from repetitive strain injuries because repetitive strain injuries can last a lifetime and the cost of dealing with these types of injuries can be extensive.

What Causes Repetitive Strain Injuries?

Repetitive strain injuries, which are sometimes called RSI, are the continual movement or use of a specific body part or appendage. Repetitive strain injuries can affect any of the muscles or joints of the body. The exact cause varies from one muscle group or appendage to another, but there are common traits that can be identified and distinguished from other muscular, skeletal injuries. The common element that is present in all repetitive strain injuries are muscle, nerve and tendon damage. These are the factors that set RSI apart from common, joint problems, such as bursitis.

Repetitive Strain Injury Solicitors

The mechanism of injury is a specific event that leads to the injury. In some cases the even is sudden, but not with repetitive strain injuries. As the name implies the mechanism of injury occurs through repetition of part of the body. The body part that is affected by the repetitive strain develops into an injury that causes muscular, nerve and tendon damage.

Because repetition strain injury can occur almost at any point in the body, it is important that a proper diagnosis be made. Repetitive strain injuries mimic many other disorders that may afflict the same body part. Many of these common injuries share many of the same symptoms. Bursitis is another example of an injury that can be both repetitive and common. The key to determining which type of injury you have comes down to examining and diagnosing muscle, nerve and tendon injuries. Continue reading

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