Should I Use a Big Law Firm or Local Company?

Many people really like to support local businesses. This can apply just as much to lawyers as to anything else. It can be nice to do this and you may be more likely to be able to get recommendations from local people that you know if you do so.

Other people prefer to use a big company. They feel that they have more experience as they have proved themselves by getting big and they also like a company that advertises on the television. It is all a matter of personal taste really.

The best thing to do, if you are trying to choose a lawyer, is to look at both the big and the small companies and look at which you think is most experienced. Whoever you go with, they will provide you with an individual lawyer that will work with you. Try to talk to that individual as it will be their personal experience that will determine what you think of them. They will be the one that will be in court talking about you and your case.

It is worth considering that you might want to go and see the lawyer face to face and although large companies will have local representatives, you might find it easier to choose someone who lives within a convenient distance from where you live. You might want to be able to walk there or get public transport, if you cannot drive or want somewhere you can go when you are on your lunch hour from work.

You also want someone that you get on well with and that you trust to do a good job. Whether they are a big or small company, you may or may not find these factors and so you need to look at all sizes of companies when you are choosing who you want to represent you. Find the best person for the job and company size may be irrelevant in determining this. The size of the company does not always determine how good the representation that you get will be. You have to bear in mind that many big companies use the services of small local lawyers and you could possibly go to them directly anyway. It is the skills of the lawyer that are important not the size of their company.

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