Repetitive Strain Injury Solicitors

If you suffer from repetitive strain injury as a result of your employment, and your employer has not done anything to help prevent this, then you may be eligible for compensation.

What are Repetitive Strain Injury Solicitors?

Repetitive strain injury solicitors are legal professionals who helps victims of industrial injuries file compensation claims. A repetitive strain injury solicitor also helps victims to understand their legal rights. Victims of industrial injuries have rights that are outlined in the health and safety act. The repetitive strain injury solicitors are perhaps the best person to help victims who suffer from repetitive strain injuries because repetitive strain injuries can last a lifetime and the cost of dealing with these types of injuries can be extensive.

What Causes Repetitive Strain Injuries?

Repetitive strain injuries, which are sometimes called RSI, are the continual movement or use of a specific body part or appendage. Repetitive strain injuries can affect any of the muscles or joints of the body. The exact cause varies from one muscle group or appendage to another, but there are common traits that can be identified and distinguished from other muscular, skeletal injuries. The common element that is present in all repetitive strain injuries are muscle, nerve and tendon damage. These are the factors that set RSI apart from common, joint problems, such as bursitis.

Repetitive Strain Injury Solicitors

The mechanism of injury is a specific event that leads to the injury. In some cases the even is sudden, but not with repetitive strain injuries. As the name implies the mechanism of injury occurs through repetition of part of the body. The body part that is affected by the repetitive strain develops into an injury that causes muscular, nerve and tendon damage.

Because repetition strain injury can occur almost at any point in the body, it is important that a proper diagnosis be made. Repetitive strain injuries mimic many other disorders that may afflict the same body part. Many of these common injuries share many of the same symptoms. Bursitis is another example of an injury that can be both repetitive and common. The key to determining which type of injury you have comes down to examining and diagnosing muscle, nerve and tendon injuries.

Can I Make a Clam for Repetitive Strain Injury?

Certain jobs have a higher expectation rate for repetitive injuries, but not all repetitive injuries are caused by working conditions. A well known repetitive injury is known as the Blackberry Thumb. It is caused by excessive use of the thumb to operate the roller ball on a Blackberry phone.  The contrast to the Blackberry thumb is carpal tunnel syndrome which may have several different mechanisms of injury. One such mechanism of injury is typing. If typing is part of your job, and you are afflicted with RSI that affects your wrists and forearms then this is probably an industrial injury. Blackberry thumb may be brought on through personal use and not specific to working conditions.

The injury must be tied to the job functions of person who suffers from RSI. To tie the injury to job function requires that that mechanisms of injury be identified. Because the health and safety laws adopted within the UK state that the employer has the responsibility to keep their works free of injury, if the injury can be linked to a job function, then the claim for repetitive strain injury compensation will most likely be validated. To answer the question, Can I make a Claim? In simple terms, yes you can.

There is, however, a difference between making a repetitive strain injury claims, and making a successful repetitive strain injury compensation claim. This is also why using repetitive strain injury solicitors are so important, than if you did not use a solicitor. The legal system is complex and filing a compensation claim is no exception. There is a great deal at stake beyond the compensation for the injury. Repetitive strain injury solicitors help to recover lost wages, as well as to help make sure that future medical cover is available if needed.

How Much Can I Claim for Repetitive Strain Injury

The amount of money that can be awarded for repetitive strain injuries varies because the injury is so different from one person to the next. The site of the injury is also a problem when trying to predetermine claim amounts. The best guess is simply that, an estimation based on past cases and awards. This is specifically because so many different causes and injury sites can be documented. This type of work accident compensation claim is not like having a brain injury where just the brain is injured. These are complicated cases because on one person the effected body part may be a wrist, while another person may have back issues and still others may have developed knee problems because of repetitive injury.

Suffice it to say that top awards have hovered near ₤100,000. Monetary amounts are affected by severity of injury and whether or not the injury is permanent, correctable, or temporary.

The best advice that can be give to anyone who may have suffered or is suffering from a repetitive strain injury is to consult with a repetitive injury claim solicitor. These legal professionals are in the best position to not only provide an estimate of what the claim may be worth, but to also provide an overview of your legal rights.

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