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Should I Use a Big Law Firm or Local Company?

Many people really like to support local businesses. This can apply just as much to lawyers as to anything else. It can be nice to do this and you may be more likely to be able to get recommendations from local people that you know if you do so.

Other people prefer to use a big company. They feel that they have more experience as they have proved themselves by getting big and they also like a company that advertises on the television. It is all a matter of personal taste really.

The best thing to do, if you are trying to choose a lawyer, is to look at both the big and the small companies and look at which you think is most experienced. Whoever you go with, they will provide you with an individual lawyer that will work with you. Try to talk to that individual as it will be their personal experience that will determine what you think of them. They will be the one that will be in court talking about you and your case.

It is worth considering that you might want to go and see the lawyer face to face and although large companies will have local representatives, you might find it easier to choose someone who lives within a convenient distance from where you live. You might want to be able to walk there or get public transport, if you cannot drive or want somewhere you can go when you are on your lunch hour from work.

You also want someone that you get on well with and that you trust to do a good job. Whether they are a big or small company, you may or may not find these factors and so you need to look at all sizes of companies when you are choosing who you want to represent you. Find the best person for the job and company size may be irrelevant in determining this. The size of the company does not always determine how good the representation that you get will be. You have to bear in mind that many big companies use the services of small local lawyers and you could possibly go to them directly anyway. It is the skills of the lawyer that are important not the size of their company.

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Finding a good Lawyer

Everyone knows that lawyers are expensive and so it can be tempting to try to find one that is cheap. However, finding a cheap lawyer may not be the best idea.

A lawyer is an important person. They will be representing you in some way and you want them to do a good job. You want someone who is experienced and able to handle the case well. You want someone who is confident and has the required skills. You want to make sure that they do a good job. This means that you may need to be prepared to pay a bit more money for one.

Sometimes it is better to pay out more money for someone, because then you will be sure that they will do a good job for you. Of course, not every expensive lawyer is good. You want to make sure that you are getting good value for money and this means that you have a lawyer who does a good job. If you are confident in their abilities then the cost is not really that important.

Good Lawyer

Of course you do not want to be ripped off, but if you ask a selection of lawyers for their prices, then you will have an idea as to how much you should be paying. It is also good to find out more about the lawyers history to see how long they have been practising and what their qualifications are. Try to find out how successful they are. You might be able t find out information on their website as well as other websites and you can even try asking friends, family and acquaintances if they can recommend a lawyer that might be able to help you. This could help you to find one that offers good value for money and will do a job that you will be pleased with.

Take some time to search and then have a meeting with lawyer. Do not be afraid to ask them questions so that you can find out more about them and whether you want to use them. Talk to several to give you a contrast so that you can compare their skills and personality. Remember they will be representing you and so you want to make sure that you are confident in their abilities. They will also be costing you money and you want to be getting the best possible value for money.

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Making Car Accident Compensation Claims

A car accident is never the same, so logically; car accident compensation claims can never be the same as well. Accidents do on the other hand occur in the millions every year, however making a successful compensation claims are difficult to get right if you do not make the right moves.

Every road accident is quite unpleasant and is disturbing for all the people involved. A car accident is one of the worst incidents that can happen in the life of a person. If you become a victim of a car accident then you must work in an intelligent way to get the proper car accident compensation for all the damages that are caused by the accident. Everyday lots of car accident claims for compensation are filed in the United Kingdom but many such claims are thrown out because of minor differences in the filing process. This can be daunting task if you are not properly aware of the procedure and finer points of law.

Car Accident Compensation Claims

In order to be eligible for getting car accident compensation, the claimant should not be at fault in the accident. This means that the entire fault should be of the other person who was involved in the accident. When you are filing compensation claims you should also keep in mind that if you are injured, physically or mentally in the accident, then only you can file for compensation. If the car of the claimant is damaged then also he can claim accident compensation but he must meet extra criteria. As a victim of car accident, you can also make a claim for the wages you lost if you are unable to work because of the injuries caused by the accident. You must also consult a specialist solicitor if you are planning to make a claim.

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Ex Pat Divorce A Guide

Divorce is a traumatic experience whenever it occurs, but the problems and emotional turmoil is compounded when one or both parties are living or working abroad. Many ex-pats facing separation and divorce feel alone and helpless, due to the normal avenues of legal advice, counseling and support seeming many miles away. Ex-pats also have the extra worry of trying to cope with a foreign legal system and bureaucracy, plus divorce lawyers that might not even speak your language.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry – as a citizen of England and Wales, you are still entitled to have your divorce within the English courts system, whether or not you are currently a UK resident, because legally you are still ‘domiciled’ in the UK, meaning you have a legal connection with the country and are still under the jurisdiction of the English courts for matters such as divorce. As long as you are considered domiciled in the UK, then it does not matter how many years you may have lived abroad.

Ex Pat Divorce

With this in mind, it is reassuring to know that legal services exist to make expat divorces as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. With the right help you can go from initial petition to final decree in just 16 weeks, with no court appearances necessary.

The only complications that can occur concern the division of assets – property, pensions and other financial holdings. This takes place after the divorce is granted and is best dealt with informally between the two parties concerned, with the aid of legal representatives when necessary. A full-on legal matrimonial assets case is to be avoided if at all possible, as they are both lengthy and costly. To complicate matters further, assets held abroad have to be assigned by the courts of the country in question, making engaging the services of a local lawyer essential.

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Divorce and Children

1. Divorce your spouse not your children

It is very easy for your children to become collateral damage when you are at war with your spouse.  Too often, parents drip poisonous thoughts into their children’s ears simply to hurt or undermine their former partner. It is surprising how children, once the most crucial and important element of a family, take second place in the war of hate that often goes on directly above their heads.

2. Minimising the damage

There is no such thing as a pain free divorce if you have children because your children will feel that they are to blame in some way; that they are the cause of the rows; and that they are the weapons of mutually assured destruction.  Both parties in a divorce may not be to blame equally for the breakdown of a marriage but both parties are to blame 100% if the children feel that they are responsible in some way.  First and foremost, it is vitally important that your children do not hear your rows even if you are in another room.  Once separation has taken place never use your children as go-betweens, carrying unpalatable messages; and never use your children as a pointed stick to poke your former other half in the ribs by deliberately changing plans at the last minute.

Divorce Children

3. Create a new routine

During the break up of a marriage it is important that both parents speak frankly about the divorce and that they lay out a clear path of what the future holds for the children. Confused children are unhappy children but if your children understand what is to happen, when they are to see each of their parents and that both parents love them dearly, some of the damage that is being done by the breakdown can be mitigated.

4. Do not speak ill of the living

Do not try to become the friend of your child or try to turn your child into a spy, expecting a fully detailed report on what is happening in the life of your former other half. Also, never speak ill of your former spouse and expect your child to understand. When you are with your children it is vital for their well-being, not yours, that you maintain a calm manner and simply express positive thoughts.  As soon as you slip into using your child as a sounding board for your own miserable feelings you are turning a lousy situation into one that can cause your child lasting psychological damage.

5. Love is a cure all

It may surprise you to know that one of the first victims of a marriage breakdown is love for your children.  When parents succumb to their own bitterness, there is often little room left for love even between parent and child.  Often, a parent feels so angry about what has happened that they find it impossible to tell their child or children how much they love them, especially if a parent can sees a lot of their spouse within their child.  Tell your children every day how much you love them and then there is a chance that they will come through your divorce with only minor scarring.

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Everyone Deserves Second Chance – Claim Yours Today

Second chances exist, but when you’re drowning in serious debt, it feels like second chances apply to everyone else but yourself. It feels like there’s no way out, so why fight?

The truth is that there are always strong reasons to keep fighting, to keep moving forward. The more that you can focus on a brighter future, the more that it feels “right” and “proper” to seek out any solution that could get you out of the problems that you’re facing financially. The truth is that getting your second chance might not be something that you can do on your own. Of course, in today’s Internet age where everything seems to be DIY, you may feel a strong pressure to just use whatever information you have handy to get things done on your own. That’s not something that you need to focus on. The truth is that there are plenty of skilled legal professionals that can advise you through this tough and stressful time. The difference is simple: will you let it happen?

Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys

Reaching for a second chance takes a lot of courage. When you’re ready, you’ll find that Debt Advisors – Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorneys, in other words — will be waiting to help you. You want to go with skilled legal professionals that truly know Wisconsin bankruptcy law. Most of the information that you’re going to receive online is designed for general audiences only. That information cannot predict the twists and turns in your potential bankruptcy case.

However, when you sit down for a free one-hour consultation, you’ll truly see where you stand in a way that the Internet based articles just can’t match. Think of the online information as good background information, but a skilled attorney as the real path to resolution. Can you DIY your bankruptcy? Of course, to a certain extent. But ask yourself this: do you really want the pressure, stress, and strain? Probably not!

Give yourself a chance at a real fresh start — contact Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys today!

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Great Social media Tips Can Definitely Impact Your Law Firm

Your law firm is already a busy place, with everyone working very hard on the firm’s overall objectives. Helping people wade complicated legal, affairs is no laughing matter, and we definitely think that should be taken seriously. But there’s nothing that says that you can’t have fun with it. It’s best to make sure that you’re looking at trying to go with a marketing plan that reflects the way your audience shops for information, not just what you think they want. For example, you need to look at social media as a way to attract new business that might otherwise not know about your law firm. In the past, law firms advertised a lot on the TV and within the Yellow Pages. These are very effective channels for advertising, because people were using these channels to look up services they need. Nowadays, instead of consulting the Yellow Pages, people are thinking more about who their friends are already using. These friends in turn are looking at things on social media networks. It’s a very powerful way to get contacts, and it really shouldn’t be ignored at all.

Great social media tips can definitely impact your law firm, if you and the other lawyers on the team are ready to put these tips into action. First and foremost, you need to set up some goals. Are you trying to just get exposure? Do you want to try to push a certain package or service that your law firm is known for? Knowing what type of target you have in mind will determine how aggressive you need to be with your social media. Some companies want to work on their brand, so they focus more on educating their new audience more than pushing them to any type of product. They want to be on hand to ask questions. Some people will need to really look into what a lawyer can offer them before they commit to anything. Other people will be very motivated to work with your law firm, because they have an ongoing issue that won’t go away.

Law Firm

Now, many law firms balk at the idea of social media because they assume that it’s going to be all education with no sales pitch. But that isn’t the case at all. You can still use social media to drive prospects to time tested portals, such as a premium workshop or a premium newsletter with stellar content. All social media is really going to do is give you a new gateway that you can use to attract a different type of customer.

Some platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to advertise based on the demographics, which is very good. Do you have plans to target car owners with teenage drivers? While Facebook may not let you drill down exactly to these needs, it can come pretty close.

The key here is to go slowly with social media and not get upset if the results aren’t apparent overnight. Instant gratification isn’t what you’re looking for with a social media campaign. You want to get long term engagement instead!

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The right not to be unfairly prejudiced

If any member feels that what is happening within the company is ‘unfairly prejudicial’ to him, he has a right to petition the court. The complaint may be based on past, present or even anticipated future events, and may be unfairly prejudicial to all of the members or only some or one of them. Whatever what has happened, is happening or will happen amounts to ‘unfair prejudice’ is judged on an objective basis, from the perspective of an impartial outsider.

For the petition to be successful, the member must prove that he has been affected in his capacity as member, although this has been given a very wide interpretation. For example, if it was one of the terms of a takeover that the previous owner of the business would receive shares in the acquiring company and become a director of that company, it may follow that the loss of the directorship constitutes ‘unfair prejudice’ to the member as the two positions are inextricably linked.

unfairly prejudiced

In order to establish unfair prejudice, it is not necessary to prove that the value of the member’s shares have been adversely affected, although frequently this will have happened. Examples of potential unfair prejudice are:

  • Non-payment of dividends;
  • Directors awarding themselves excessive remuneration;
  • Directors exercising their powers for an improper purpose; and
  • Exclusion from management in a quasi-partnership type of company

If the court finds that a member has suffered unfair prejudice, it can make any order it thinks appropriate. However, the most common remedy given is an order that the other shareholders or the company itself should purchase the shares of the petitioner at a fair value. An example of this was Gerrard v Koby [2004], where the order was granted as it was impractical for the parties to continue to work together. The House of Lords in O’Neill v Philips [1999], held that the court’s powers were wide under s.994 but did not give an automatic right to withdrawal from a company where trust and confidence had broken down. Continue reading

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A Quick Look at the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Violent crime is something that society has had to deal with for hundreds of years. Simply put, it’s impossible to get rid of it, and it’s always a tragedy when an innocent person is actually the victim of a violent crime. Who pays for your medical bills? Who handles the psychological fallout from being caught up in a terrible incident that isn’t your fault whatsoever. You have to make sure that you keep you and your family solvent while you process the aftermath. One place to look for help would be within the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). CICA is all about paying an award to people who have been harmed as the result of a violent crime.

What you need to know is that you can apply for compensation for free — there’s no cost to do so. However, there are certain eligibility rules that have to be met.

You have to be injured to the point where you would qualify for the minimum payment of a thousand pounds, and you must be injured in an act of violence within the UK. The offender doesn’t have to be charged with the crime, but there has to be an injury that takes place in connection to a crime. You also have a very short window of time — just two years. Yikes!

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

You must make sure that you cooperate with all law enforcement in order to even be considered for such an award. You would do well to inform the police as soon as possible. Any delay can result in the award being reduced, or your application being rejected outright.

The compensation awards go from a thousand pounds all the way up to five hundred thousand pounds. There’s certainly a lot of money available, but you have to make sure that you apply the right way. You can even apply online, but you have to make sure that you have the right information.

The important thing here is that you are always looking at giving as much evidence as possible. Police reports, medical exams — the key here is that this information goes a long way into helping you claim injury from the violent crime. CICA will do their best to get you the compensation you deserve, but all of the details must be correct. It goes without saying that time is definitely of the essence. You have to act quickly in order to get things taken care of properly.

CICA puts a strong emphasis on exhausting all other sources of compensation before you come to them. So if you don’t have a final judgment yet on other cases, you’ll need to make sure that you let them know. They will most likely want to make sure that you mention it to them.

For now, go on their website and fill out the application form. They will take care of the rest, we promise!

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Why You Require The Services Of An Immigration Lawyer In Los Angeles

Would you like to migrate all your family members to the US, but some difficulties have come during this process? Do you think you have been particularly long waiting with respect to your own personal green card and just to discover it was actually denied? Do you or perhaps a few of your folks have any immigration issues? If your replies are all yes, now is the time to employ an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles.

Expert Services associated with an Immigration Attorney

Hiring an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles is a sensible decision. For a person who has numerous immigration concerns, this is a good decision to make. A good immigration lawyer is able to deal with numerous cases like non-immigrant visas, removal defense, job-based petitions, family based petitions, rejections as well as other legal services.

1. Non-immigrant visas – This visa is issued based on the intent behind the traveling. This is issued for a certain time period and not just a permanent visa. Quite a few visas placed under this type consists of B-1, B-2, F, I, J, H, K, L, M and also many more.

2. Family-based petitions – This visa is designed for those who would like to bring their family to the States. These family members could be immediate relatives, spouse, small children, siblings, married children, adult but single children, step kids and adopted children. In case any of these members just want to go to the States, an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can assist you to submit an application for the correct visa.

Immigration Lawyer In Los Angeles

3. Removal defense, denials as well as other legal services – This visa features giving an answer to refusal notices, consular processing, deportation plus removal defense, attorney appearance in INS interviews, naturalization and also many more.

4. Employment-based petition – This is going to be for individuals who would like to come to the States for work. These individuals consist of professionals, exceptional professors, experts having advanced diplomas, competent staff, professional medical students, religious workers, investors and much more.

Exactly what benefits to get hold of from an Immigration Attorney

An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles will make every little thing considerably easy for his customer. The qualified professional services start from the documentation. Registering a case requires plenty of documentation that an average person cannot do properly. With an immigration attorney, the registering will get less confusing and also much less traumatic. Furthermore, a lawyer will certainly offer the very best alternative for the immigration case.

Whatever may seem to be a dead end in your case continue to have some hope for an immigration attorney. It is in addition an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles who is able to represent a client before the court. Their legal representation will certainly give the peace of mind each client requires. Most importantly, he stands on your side regardless of what judgement a legal court makes. In case there is refusal, the lawyer will be more than eager to make an appeal on part of the client.

Really going all through an immigration case is quite traumatic and frustrating sometimes. The rest quickly give up hope and give up. For some, choosing the advice of an immigration attorney is the real key. In the legal system, there is a hope and also a alternative always. And so, under no circumstances lose faith.

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